The structure

All of the Mezzanato production sites are located within the magnificent setting of the Veneto Regional Park of the Po Delta. In the management of these sites the most modern agricultural systems are applied through the use of machinery and equipment of last generation. The cereal production is exclusively intended for animal farm and a plant of energy from renewable sources. Everything is carried out with a logic of maximum compliance with existing rules on agricultural sustainability and environmental compatibility. The favorable climate for growing: corn, hay, wheat, sorghum, triticale and sugar beet production ensures high quality standards that affect greatly on the animal nutrition and consequently on the meat produced.

Breeding has significant expertise in the animal managing due to decades of experience. Maximum attention is paid daily to the animal health and well-being. For several years it has adopted a policy of prevention in the fight against infectious diseases, using all the tools available on the Italian market to achieve the best performance of health. Highly qualified veterinary staff continually comply with the herd and manage it in optimum conditions and complying with the current laws on animal welfare. The farm has a nominal capacity of 2000 cattle and is composed of a diverse housing system in order to accommodate virtually all breeds of cattle, be they male or female. Furthermore, in 1991 it has also been installed a complex system of water purification destined for animal consumption that guarantees constant clean water.

Renewable energy
From a project started in 2006, a system for energy production fueled by biogas coming from the anaerobic co-fermentation of biomass from animal husbandry (manure and cow manure) and dedicated biomass plant (or Energy Production Agriculture) has been carried out. It includes the residual that does not constitute a refusal, obtained from the cultivation of the land run. The production of energy takes place via the installation of an internal combustion engine with a thermal input equal to 2.403 MW, of which 0.999 electric MW (1.245 thermal MW residues) associated with an electric generator. Such type of system has the distinction of producing low emissions relevant to the effects of air pollution as the CO2 produced by combustion of methane obtained in this manner allows to balance the budget of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere. As a matter of fact, the CO2 emitted by the combustion of biogas is the same CO2 produced by plants (or taken from the animals in an indirect way via the plants), contrary to what happens for the CO2 emitted from scratch by the combustion of fossil fuels. Another ecological advantage in the use of biogas is to prevent the spread in the troposphere of methane emitted naturally during the decomposition of plant materials: methane, in fact, is one of the most powerful greenhouse gases and its degradation to CO2 and water combustion is therefore aimed at. For Mezzanato this is a step forward in business but, above all. It means ethical and environmental sustainability.


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